P2 Respirator Valved Carbon & Acid Filter

Our P2 mask with an active carbon filter is highly popular in the welding industry, as the carbon filters out unpleasant odours and reduces nuisance levels of ozone*

Recommended Uses Features
Welding, especially with unpleasant odours High quality exhalation valve provides effortless breathing 
Painting & decorating Pre-moulded respirator fits a wide variety of face profiles
Grinding & polishing Twin straps offer firm comfortable fit
Food handling Pre-formed nose piece minimises risk of leaks
Sanding & dusty environments Soft polypropylene inner layer provides smooth and non-abrasive contact with the skin
Asbestos removal Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2003

*Nuisance levels are those levels below the Safe Work Australia Exposure standards

P2 Respirator Valved Carbon & Acid Filter


10 masks
12 boxes